Water cooler production Line
Water cooler production Line

The company has made special equipment and machinery for most of the water cooler factories, which include:

1- Types of molds required in different sizes
2- Edge trimming machine of the cooler pan
3- Punch machine of cooler pan
4- Cooler production line for fan blade (Blower)
5- Cooler Blade Ring Production Line
6- Blade to ring Bolt machine (Hemming)

According to the experience gained in the field of manufacturing Cooler Blade, the company has been manufacturing these blades with the best quality and controlling by static and dynamic balancing systems and is ready to offer them to the applicants.

TRIM machine
This machine is used to cut the extra and rugged edges left over while producing (stretching) of the cooler pan. This machine removes the edges...

The machine receives a piece of ready-made and measured blade bar with two lateral rings and delivers a complete fan package. By turning the...
The machine can produce cooler fan for different models by replacing the main axle discs and changing the user's settings. It is capable to produce...

PUNCH Machine
The machine's performance system is hydraulic for punching and pneumatic for moving. Punch machine for Water cooler cover and pan The machine is...