Oil Filtration Equipment
Oil Filtration Equipment

Oil Filtration Equipment

FGP & Co-founded in 1997-has done activities focusing oil and gas field.

Our activities in these subjects are:

1. Basic and detailed designing of oil units including PFD, P&ID, BFD, Utility Consumption and also Mass & Heat Balance. We also gather all the specs that the project needs in this part.

2. Designing related types of equipment such as thermal converters, distillation towers, precise tools system, PIPING air heat exchangers, tanks,

  • shell & tube heat exchangers,
  • Air heat exchangers,
  • Dewaxing \ Deoiling Filters,
  • Chillers for oil making industry.
  • Oil & Gas storage tanks.

3. Detailed designing

This part includes the presentation of all the documents such as Data Sheets, executive plans, preparing purchase documents, etc.

4. Watching over purchases and building the equipment

In this part, the design team will do all the communications and surveys required for building and purchasing the types of equipment. This company will watch over the things during the process too.

5. Pre-Commissioning and commissioning units

Building units and pieces of equipment are followed by the pre-commissioning operation which includes Flashing all the lines. This company is also able to launch units and produce the main product

Oil Filtration Equipment