Steel Barrel Production Line
Steel Barrel Production Line

Barrels of oil and bitumen production line
FGP & Co by designing and manufacturing of automatic and semi – automatic production line barrel it has taken a very important step in self-sufficiency.

Lines made include:

1-Line coil sheet to size of sheet for glazing and doors barrels
2-Barrel door production line (top and bottom Cover mold)
3-Press of clinch oil drain doors
4-Barrel Roll forming machine
5-Fixture and welding machine of barrel
6-Pluncher machine of barrel
7- (Edge – curling machine)
8-Seaming machine
9- Sealing test machine

Made lines capable of producing 2000 barrels of oil or 3000 barrels of bitumen per shift is required also able to produce a barrel of oil, bitumen and food industries according to customers’ orders.