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Fan Gostar Customers
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Iran Radiator Industrial Group

Iran Radiator Industrial Group is the largest producer of radiators, wall-hung boilers and (domestic and industrial) burners in the MENA region. Globally, we are one of the top three producers of aluminum radiators and industrial burners and also one of the top 10 largest wall hung boiler manufacturers.
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Butane Industrial

manufacturer of wall-hung, gas water heaters in the Middle East and largest manufacturer of combi-boilers in Iran and largest manufacturer of wall-hung, gas water heaters in Iran.
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Snowa is a brand! A popular brand with authenticity. Always on the golden horizons of the choice of customers, it will be the cause of national determination and will of the Iranian people. The logo and sign of Osnova are a reminder of the calmness and complete freedom of choice for our customers.
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Bahonar Copper Company

CSP is located 12 km from Kerman, in the vicinity of the largest copper mines in the Middle East. CSP has experienced tremendous growth and earned a worldwide reputation as a Regional industry leader since 1991.
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AABSAL Company

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Hamgam Khodro

Hamgam Khodro Asia is one of the greatest & equipped manufacture company for pressing & assembling parts of the car in Iran and also designing & die making for pressing parts.
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Jahan Afrooz Company

Jahan Afrooz Company with a bright history of manufacturing different kinds of home appliances according to ISIRI standard aims at Customer satisfaction through protection of Environment, sustainable development and Safety of our products.
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Esfahan Steel and Iron Co

Esfahan Steel and Iron Co., which is now one of the largest industrial units of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is located in an area of 35 square kilometers near Shahr Esfahan, 75 kilometers southwest of the city of Isfahan.
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Iran Shargh Company

Iran Shargh Company was established in 1976, and became operative in 1977. Currently eleven different models of gas heaters and gas stove fireplaces with different capacities and designs, wall mounted tankless gas water heaters, gas kitchen stove with oven and with pseudo oven are produced in this company.
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Gharb Steel Industrial Group

GHARB STEEL Industrial Group started its activity by establishment a production plant in Kermanshah in 1981 with the name of GHARB STEEL with a mission of producing stainless steel home appliances and continued till 1995 with the same above mission. GHARB STEEL could optimize the production processes in this period of time by utilizing expert personnel and achieved several industrial successes.
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Saipa Ring factory

The company is a member of Saipa automobile group. The company was established in 1999 in the area of 30 hectares in the industrial zone of Arvand, located in Khoramshahr city, and officially started its production in 2001. The company, having the advanced machinery of steel wheel production and efficient and young forces, has the ability to become a top ring maker of the country.
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Address: Tehran Site, Tehran, Fath Highway (Karaj old road), 18 km, Sazeh Gostar Industrial Complex (former national [Melli] shoe)
Khorramshahr Site: Khorramshahr, Arvand Free Zone, 7 Khorramshahr Road - Ahvaz (Imam Sadiq Road)

Mashhad Davam Group

It was founded in 1990, in a land with an area of 4000 square meters and a 1680 square meter hall with "Hajj Ja'far Ghahraman" management and 45 expert and non-expert forces. Using his creative and entrepreneurial mindset, he manufactured a variety of standing water heaters, and then wall water heaters and fireplace heater, and in 1997, he received a license to use the standard mark for his products from the standard office.
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Mashhad Factory Address: 14km of Asian Highway

Lourch Factory

With a brilliant record, as one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the country, The Lourch factory is active in the country.

The company was founded in 1979 with private sector investment in entrepreneurship and job creation, and has been working in the field of producing home appliances and heating and cooling equipment such as: a variety of gas-fired hot water heater, a variety of reservoir water heater, cooler, heater, Barbecue ovens and wall mounted radiators. Steel panel radiators. The company works based on the national standards of Iran and the European standard.
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Sepahan Oil Company

It was founded 17 years ago, and today, more than ever, it is an active company whose values are: to honor global achievements and effective learning, opportunism, customer orientation, program orientation and looking ahead. The company's activities are in the field of base oil production and final product.
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Sanie Kaveh Tehran Company

The company was registered on March 9, 1999 and registered on May 24, 1999 under the number 150954 at the Office of Registration of Companies and Industrial Property. The announcement of the establishment of the company was entered into the Official Gazette No. 15810 dated June 9, 1999, and in August, it was entrusted to Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company. Kaveh Iron and Steel Company is the most important center for combining, cutting, shaping and selling Mobarakeh steel products to customers in the regional market and the highest strategic goal of the company is to lead in the provision of lateral services and meet the needs of customers and all stakeholders.
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Pars Steel Company

Pars Steel Company has been manufacturing on the edge of the desert and the central area, on the northern side of the Quran gate of Yazd since 1984, and obtained an Operation License in 1987. Inspired by the true patrons of the homeland, its name was a blend of the nation and the type of "Pars Steel" production. From the beginning of the activity, with the slogan of a product for a generation, the unit believed that winning and achieving high economic and social goals has been only possible by the good reputation and quality and therefore, from the beginning, the company ignored the margin of immediate profit so that it can stand on the summit of prosperity and immortal its name.

The machines of this company are equipped with the latest technology in the world and most of them are made in Germany and Austria.
The company now has about 51 staff in a shift work, whom 6 are specialists and the rest of them are workers and employees.

The products of this unit include a variety of Pressure cooking, pots, frying pans, butter warmer, steamers and all-stainless steel samovars that are available in various designs.
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ARJ Company

Sepehr Electric Company

Sepehr Electric Company constructed a factory in the Alborz industrial city of Qazvinon an area of 20,000 square meters in 1979, in order to produce a variety of home appliances. Now, with years of endless effort, and with the expansion of the factory area of 75000 square meters, it is producing a variety of products such as water cooler, gas heater, gas and electric storage water heater, and all types of fully automatic washing machines, and the operation of the gas stove assembly line is a great honor in the Iran's Islamic country.
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Garmay Jonub (South Heat) Company

With a long reputation of producing and exporting extensively and with confidence on providing high quality in the domestic and foreign markets of the country, it has been active and always strives to maintain the quality and increasing its export. In addition, Garmay Jonub (South Heat) Company is the first recipient of the national standard brand in Iran for electric heater, gas heater and twin washing machine, the company is also the first recipient of Grade A to consume energy for electric heater and water coolers.
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